07 Mar 2023 Quarterly


For the first edition of 2023, we are taking a deep dive into Materials Innovation Markets Driven by Science and Research. Thanks to our members involved in this topic. This issue features 4 contributions on the following topics:

  • Focus Interview with Lars Montelius
  • Let’s Develop Innovative Bionanomaterials – Get Your Free Trial!
  • Novel Technology to Increase Pot Life of Silicones Used in LED Components
  • Micro-CT Lab: Looking Deeply into Material Structures

Besides scientific contributions from our BioNanoNet members, reports about projects and activities, this issue also includes an announcement of our new BioNanoNet member Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory (AML) and member interviews from ILF Consulting Engineers Austria GmbH with Alexandre Pazos and ANALISIS-DSC with Laura Torres.

We hope you enjoy this edition!

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