27 Sep 2023 Quarterly


Dear colleagues and friends,

For the third edition of 2023, we focused on the topic “Biofunctionalization”. Thanks to our members involved in this topic. This issue features 9 contributions on the following topics:

  • Interview with Silvia Schobesberger from the Technische Universität Wien on “Biofunctionalization”
  • Biofunctionalization with ssDNA for DNA Origami Biosensor
  • Roll-to-Roll Microarray Spotting at Joanneum Research
  • TU Graz Researchers Revolutionize Production of Biocompatible Microfibres
  • Droplets Meet Liquid Jet
  • Replacement for Animal Testing
  • The Important Role of Basic Research
  • On-off Switch for Enzymes
  • BioNanoNet Annual Forum on Biofunctionalization & BNN Networking Session

Besides scientific contributions from our BioNanoNet members, reports about projects and activities, this issue also includes an interview and presentation from our new member:

  • Molecular and Biomolecular Physics Department, National Institute for Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular with Sanda Boca-Farcau

We hope you enjoy this edition!
BNN team

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