17 Aug 2022 Updates

Innovative Health Initiative: propose your ideas

Got an idea for a potential IHI call topic? We want to hear from you!

The concept of ‘co-creation’ is embedded in the way IHI works. When it comes to ideas for potential new call topics, this means that we welcome suggestions from the wider health and research community.

What makes a good idea for an IHI topic?

A good idea for an IHI call topic is one which:

  • contributes directly to IHI’s objectives, as described in the legislation creating IHI and our Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda;
  • addresses an unmet public health need;
  • requires collaboration between different industry sectors (i.e. pharmaceutical / vaccines / biotech / medical devices / imaging, ICT, etc.) and between public and private partners;
  • will deliver clearly-described impacts on society, the economy and science.


Find out more about:

  • How to prepare and submit your idea for an IHI topic
  • What happens to ideas submitted?
  • Review by the IHI Science and Innovation Panel and publication online
  • Further development of ideas
  • Timelines
  • If my idea is turned into a call topic, can I also be part of the project?

on the Innovative Health Iitiative website: https://www.ihi.europa.eu/shape-our-future-research/propose-ideas