20 Jun 2024 Updates

Innovative Inkjet Printing for Tailored Medication Tattoos

A new inkjet printing pilot line developed by RCPE GmbH will be used to fabricate temporary tattoos that incorporate pain relievers or local anesthetics, providing tailored medication for children and chronic patients.

Tattoos with varying motifs and doses of local anaesthetics © RCPE GmbH


Engaging Designs for Improved Compliance

These tattoos, featuring motifs from comics, nature, the animal world, and fairy tales, are designed to enhance attractiveness and compliance, especially among children. By applying local anesthetics via these engaging motifs, the drug remains precisely at the site of application for a defined period and cannot be removed by wiping. This method not only improves acceptance but also ensures accurate and sustained medication delivery.

Simone Eder, principal scientist at RCPE GmbH, highlights the potential impact: “This innovation has the potential to transform pain management for children by offering a needle-free, personalized solution that enhances compliance and ensures precise dosing.”

Personalized Pain Therapy for Children

In addition to local anesthetics, these tattoos can be used for pain therapy in children, offering low-dose, topically applied pain therapeutics in a personalized manner. The technology can also support long-term dosing through a smart drug delivery carrier that controls transdermal drug release over time.

Applications for Chronic Patients

Chronic patients suffering from conditions like neuralgia, which require consistent drug release, can also benefit from this technology. For adults and elderly patients, the tattoos can be produced in skin tones, making the treatment discreet and unobtrusive.

This innovative approach represents a significant advancement in personalized medicine, offering an effective and user-friendly method for drug delivery.


Project Team © RCPE GmbH



Simone Eder
Principal Scientist

Claudia Pock
Marketing & Communications Specialist