14 Sep 2023 Publications

Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design chemicals – A one-fits-all solution? Reflections from a decade of nanosafety research

Article by BNN
Published in:
EUropainfo: Das Magazin des EU-Umweltbüros
Date of publication: September 2022
BNN team involvement: Susanne Resch

In this issue of EUropainfo from the EU Environmental Bureau, Susanne Resch steps back to look at the suitability of the Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design concept for assessing chemicals. There is great concern about micro- and nanoplastics and their impact on human health and the environment, but Resch argues that Europe does not need to reinvent the wheel. Rather, it can call on a decade of research in nanosafety from the European nanosafety community, such as the EU-NanoSafetyCluster, co-coordinated by BNN. This research feeds into the Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design framework, launched by the European Commission in collaboration with the Joint Research Centre, which should be applied to chemicals and materials as pre-market approach already in early innovation stages.

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