20 Mar 2024 Updates

Strategic partnership for a sustainable future

The Graz-based industrial holding EOSS, Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik and the Rieckermann Group announce their strategic cooperation and the acquisition of BDI-BioEnergy International.

EOSS Industries, Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik and the Rieckermann Group pool their strengths to implement their shared vision of circular economy; BDI’s technological leadership makes an important contribution. As part of this agreement, EOSS Industries also absorbs the shares in BDI Holding and BDI-BioLife Science. The BDI Group currently employs about 140 members of staff. The parties have agreed not to disclose the acquisition price.

Headquartered in Graz, BDI-BioEnergy International is an internationally operating niche player specializing in the development of chemical and biochemical procedures, the implementation of product plants for biodiesel and biogas as well as plants for the processing of pyrolysis oil and depolymerization. BDI-BioLife Science, based in Hartberg, is the number one manufacturer of natural astaxanthin in Central Europe and active in the life science industry.

By combining entrepreneurial leadership with innovational strength and the benefits of a strong participation holding, EOSS Industries has acquired renown as a pioneer in the strategic development and support of medium-sized companies. Together with EOSS Industries, the internationally operating industrial solutions providers Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik and the Rieckermann Group engage in the takeover of BDI-BioEnergy International via the captive investment branch JR New Horizons.

“We are delighted at this partnership with BDI and the additional interest in BDI-BioEnergy International by Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik and Rieckermann,” explains EOSS manager David Niederl, who is going to reinforce the executive board of the BDI Group. “Together, we will be able to raise our commitment to sustainable energy to a completely new level.” For Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik and Rieckermann, this trade also marks a milestone against the background of the already 12-year long successful cooperation of both companies in the complex industrial plant manufacturing in Asia. “This is a golden opportunity to promote the expansion of an innovative technological offer, namely in a key area for sustainable economy worldwide,” Florian Kanzler, CEO of Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik, and Oliver Raab, Head of Industry Chemical & Energy at Rieckermann Group, are in agreement.

BDI is equally enthusiastic: “The pooling of strengths perfectly fits our long-term vision and will further enhance our position as innovative pioneer in the fields of biogas, biofuels and chemical plastic recycling. To implement our vision regarding the red diamond, we have found the perfect strategic partner with EOSS and its subsidiary, Sanochemia. In this new constellation and as quality, technology and innovation leader, we will be an appealing employer headquartered in Styria,” says Kurt Ternegg, CEO of the BDI Group.

“The takeover by these family-owned companies ensures a sustainable continuation of our lifework. We consider ourselves fortunate to have found such strong partners for the BDI Group,” assert Wilhelm Hammer and Helmut Gössler, the founders of the BDI Group.


About EOSS Industries

EOSS Industries is an innovation-oriented industry and technology corporation targeting the long-term development of its companies. As a medium-sized enterprise group, the participations of EOSS generate approximately 200 million euro across the globe, export to more than 60 countries worldwide and employ about 500 members of staff. Defined goal is to turn every EOSS company into a hidden champion of its branch. Currently, the EOSS Group focuses on the subject areas life science, energy & infrastructure and future commerce.

About Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik

Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik (KVT) develops and implements industrial plants based on the concepts of green chemistry and closing the cycle. Renewable raw materials, by-products from industrial processes or waste flows serve as basic materials for the production of worthful chemicals, for the closing of material cycles as well as for the reuse of industrial waste. The technology portfolio contains solutions for the manufacture of chemical products based on regrowing raw materials, environmental technologies in the field of waste water and waste gas treatment and the production and the recovery of sulfuric acid from sulfurous waste gas, sulfur or spent acid. The family-owned business is internationally active and has about 160 employees in Austria and Germany.

About the Rieckermann Group

Rieckermann Group is a family-owned corporate group offering complex industrial production and process solutions for various industrial areas in Asia and the Middle East as contractor and technology provider. Over 130 years of corporate history, Rieckermann Group has built up a reputation in its core markets – especially regarding integrated customized process solutions which the company maintains on a long-term basis thanks to its local technical service. Furthermore, the broad-ranging offer portfolio includes consultation services, engineering and project management as well as the selection, financing and delivery of process technologies by leading international suppliers and drivers of innovation. Globally, over 750 employees at 24 locations in 17 countries contribute to the success of the Rieckermann Group.

JR New Horizons is an independent investment branch within the Rieckermann Group promoting innovations and financing important key projects through strategic investments, participations and transformation support to carry the vision of a holistic solutions provider for industrial productions focusing on sustainable process technologies into effect.

About the BDI Group and its subsidiaries, BDI-BioEnergy International and BDI-BioLife Science

BDI-BioEnergy International is market leader in the construction of biodiesel plants, additionally offering environmentally friendly procedural solutions for the processing of waste and pyrolysis oils as well as fermentation technologies developed in-house for biogas plants. The service portfolio ranges from contract research and process development to engineering and scale-up services to customer service.

BDI-BioLife Science, based in Hartberg, specializes in the production of high-quality algal material for the life-science area and is number one in the production of natural astaxanthin in Central Europe. With its closed algae cultivation method developed in-house, the company ensures a constant manufacture of natural astaxanthin. The production infrastructure safeguards year-round product availability and constant high quality.

The BDI Group currently employs about 140 members of staff.



Andreas Pickl
BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH
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